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Consumer Finance - In Store Credit


What we can do

Provide billing and/or finance to sellers of services and non-traditional products Finance your customers
that banks and many institutional finance companies can't. We also have the
added benefit of purchase programs for all levels of credit risk allowing you to get
the maximum cash from your receivables.


In other words: if you are generating sales on products or services,
generally $500 to $5000 per transaction we could help you close more of them.




Industry Experience

Our underwriters have proven expertise in acquiring, servicing and collecting credits in non-standard industries providing you the benefit of working with a finance company that knows your customers and how to maximize their value to you.


Immediate Cash

Get the money from your sales immediately instead of over the next few years. We can quickly qualify and fund your new sales providing you with the cash you need to keep on growing and saving you the time and expense that it takes to manage the monthly receivable of held contracts. Our flexible and customized plans are designed to deliver the level of services and financial support that's right for you.


No Lost Sales

Your customers who do not meet even the minimum credit standards for purchasing are not lost. We can accept them as a billing client and you will get the monthly cash flow from their monthly payments. This provides you with the best of both worlds — maximum cash up front for short-term growth and a growing portfolio of residual income for long-term stability.



Billing and Payment Processing

We offer flexible options to bill your customers by sending coupon books, mailing labels or monthly statements. We accept a variety of payment methods, including checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT), phone pays, Western Union and credit cards for your customers’ convenience.


Online Reporting

Access online reports or timely access to analyzed data about your financial portfolio. We deploy the most advanced billing technology to provide you accurate, private and convenient access to review your entire portfolio.


Secure Account Management

Your customer's payments, are mailed directly to a post office box, and the mail is opened, sorted and applied to the customer’s account daily, and deposited to a segregated account. Reconciliation is performed daily by an independent department. This process ensures a very limited chance for error, added safety, quicker deposits, and greater accuracy.


Uncompromising Excellence in Customer Service

Our underwriters knowledgeable loan servicing staff provides clients with superior customer service and accuracy. Our state of the art loan servicing technology permits our representatives to view all of your customers’ personal and loan information on-screen. This includes contact information, loan details, account history, and notes, as well as legal requirements pertaining to collections issues. Consider us an extension of your business.


Unequaled Flexibility

We can offer facilitation of revolving credit, installment loans, rule of 78 loans, leases, non-interest bearing notes, commercial accounts, memberships, dues, or any type of payment system you desire.




Experienced Management  

Our team members have proven experience in the management and collection of consumer loans.


Proven Collection Staff 

 Our underwriters provide maximum recovery for our clients would lead to long successful relationships. The skill of the collection staff is unparalleled in collecting money from your debtors. Our professional collectors will provide quality-minded service in full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and state laws and regulations.


Innovative Technology  

Use of cutting edge technology to provide our collectors with the most advanced tools in search, skip-trace and account management technologies. This gives us the edge to outperform our competition.


Advanced Collection Techniques 

Our collectors take a fresh and modern approach to collecting accounts. Most customers who are delinquent with your account are delinquent with their other accounts as well. Delinquent customers are much more sophisticated today. Instead of harassing your customer in an antagonistic fashion, we befriend the debtor and educate them so that they will choose to pay us first when they do get some money. Our innovative approach has drastically improved recovery and proven superior in technique.


Flexible Programs 

We offer stronger collection procedures for delinquencies greater than 90 to 120 days in a department managed separately from the "early" collections area. Once a debt is more than 90 to 120 days delinquent, a more focused and intensive set of collections efforts is needed. Our customized collection program is designed to meet the needs of our clients and achieves the best results.

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